Maintaining Certification

In order for NCCP Instructors and Coaches to maintain their current certified status, they will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points.

Equestrian Canada NCCP Certification 

After successfully passing the evaluation, the coach has earned Certification for life.  However, to keep their active status, instructors and coaches are required to maintain it by doing the following;

  1. Submit professional development (PD) points
  2. Have an issued Coach Status to keep their certification current and be recognized by EC and IHC.
  3. Instructors/coaches can check which activities they can receive points for in the PD Activity Guide, then the Coach Update Form  should be filled out and submitted to

The NCCP system requires instructors and coaches to submit their PD points on a five-year cycle according to their context:

  1. Instructor: 10 points
  2. Competition Coach: 20 points
  3. Competition Coach Specialist: 20 points
  4. Competition Development (HP1): 30 points

How to navigate the locker and self-report PD Points

Check this presentation how to navigate the locker and complete PD points.