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Welcome to the Island Horse Council membership page.

Please NOTE: If you have purchased a membership in the last two years, you should already have a HorseReg account and should use this account each year to purchase your membership.

If you are new, you will need to create a HorseReg user account BEFORE you can purchase your membership. Your HorseReg user account is NOT your IHC membership. It is used to purchase your IHC membership(s), same as you would do when shopping online. You will use this HorseReg account each year to purchase your IHC membership so you only need to create it ONE time.

If you have purchased a three year membership and it is up for renewal, you will need to log into your horsereg account to access your new PDF membership card.

Your card will be emailed (PDF) to you once you have accepted the terms and conditions and completed your payment transaction. If at any point during the year you need to re-download your IHC membership card you can do so by logging into your HorseReg account.

If you do not see the emails in your inbox, please be sure to check your junk mail folder.

If you have questions regarding IHC membership please email us at – allowing for 2 business days turnaround.

If you are having technical difficulties on the HorseReg site when trying to purchase your membership Email:

Island Horse Council Family Memberships are designed for:

  • Families of 4+ people; Parents and/or Guardians and their Junior children
  • Each family member will receive their own membership number and card
  • Family membership will only be available to be purchased at the time of sign up or renewal, conversions from individual Junior Membership or Senior Membership will not be available.
  • In some instances (ie; fewer than 4 people in a family) it is cheaper to buy individual memberships.

Benefits of Membership

The Prince Edward Island Horse Council (IHC) is the recognized Provincial Sport Organization representing all equine activities, other than racing, on Prince Edward Island. We are the provincial representative for Equestrian Canada and receive generous support from Sport PEI and Health & Wellness PEI.

The IHC is constantly working with provincial and federal governments, Equestrian Canada,  and Equine Guelph to protect and improve your equestrian interests.

Island Horse Council Programs Include:

  • Kidsport
  • Learn to Ride
  • Learning Workshops
  • Coaching Certification
  • Officials and Stewards
  • Horse Welfare Support
  • Long Term Development
  • High Performance Clinics
  • Riding Safety and Security
  • Interprovincial Competitions
  • Strathgartney Equestrian Park
  • Gateway to International Competition

IHC members are entitled to receive:

  • Discipline Specific Programs including competitions and clinics
  • Nationally and Internationally Certified Coaches/recognized Officials training
  • A Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • Local, Provincial and National Level Planning and Support
  • The right to compete in National and International level competitions
  • Access to the Strathgartney Equestrian Park

IHC is pleased to provide insurance coverage to our individual members through our partner Acera Insurance Services Ltd.

Coverages included:

  • $5,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance ($1,000 Property Damage Deductible)
  • Protects you, the member, if you are sued by a third party because a horse that you own or lease, ride or handle non-commercially, causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party. **Liability coverage is for non-commercial equine-related activities. Some limitations and exclusions apply. Coverage is in force 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and covers the member (Canadian resident) anywhere in the world. (Exclusions apply for members who are non-Canadian residents).
  • $40,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage
  • Covering you, the member, should you suffer a catastrophic injury, dismemberment or death arising from equine-related activities. (Under the age of 90 and only available to Canadian Residents)
Island Horse Council - PEI - Membership


IHC Membership is growing, and benefits to our members continue to expand. Become an Island Horse Council member today—it’s easy and simply the right thing to do for responsible equestrian enthusiasts.


With wildfires burrning in severral regions of the country, we remind you that automatic insurance provided with membership in your PTSO protects you for liability arising from temporary care, custody and control of up to three non-owned horses that have been displaced due to fire, flood or other natural disasters.

To those of you that are lending a helping hand to others in need of moving and/or housing horses; we THANK YOU!


Top photo by Callie Campbell / Second photo by Emma Stewart