Long Term Equestrian Development (LTED) Program

This model is based on the Long-Term Athlete Development framework which provides a clear age and stage-appropriate pathway for success whether it’s a child or adult wanting to learn how to ride.

Long Term Equestrian Development

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The Equestrian Canada Long-Term Equestrian Development Model (LTED) provides the Canadian equestrian community with a vision to help us improve our infrastructure, programs and initiatives to ensure the best opportunities are available for all athletes and participants – whatever their personal goals or stage of development. 

Built upon proven sport principles and customized to equestrian athletes providing a clear and effective pathway for all equestrian athletes – regardless of age, experience, or discipline – to enjoy equestrian sport. LTED is not only about building successful high-performance athletes, but also about ensuring the highest quality riding experience for every person engaged in equestrian sport, including riders with disabilities.

LTED 2.0 was designed to encourage a consistent approach to rider development and to guide the actions of everyone involved in equestrian sport, whether working with beginner or advanced athletes, able-bodied or disabled, recreational or competitive.

A very useful resource for ;

  • Equestrians
  • Parents
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