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The  provincially recognized representative of Equestrian activity on PEI

About the IHC

Island Horse Council (IHC) was founded to be the caretaker for Strathgartney Equestrian Park (SEP). From that original purpose, IHC has evolved into the not-for-profit Provincial Sport Organization that provides governance to the equestrian industry on Prince Edward Island (excluding the racing industry). IHC provides support, leadership and resources to develop athletes and protect the interests of equestrian enthusiasts. Equestrian Canada, as the nationally recognized sport organization, recognizes one representative organization in each province across Canada. In PEI this is the IHC. IHC participates directly in national policy development, sport administration and delivering member services through this partnership.

Over more than 35 years, numerous volunteers have dedicated thousands of hours of their time to sit on the executive board to offer member clubs (currently: Dressage PEI, Horse Trials PEI, PEI Hunter Jumper, Charlottetown Pony Club, Island Reining Horse Association, Western Horse Association of PEI, PEI Trail Riders), and approximately 600 individual members, the substantial benefits of a Provincial Sport Organization. There are also two Directors at Large who represent members who are not aligned or members of current member clubs. They present a different viewpoint and introduce new ways to bring benefits of membership to more horse enthusiasts on PEI.

IHC is member-focused and strives to provide ever-increasing value. We  sponsor certified coaching courses in both English and Western disciplines in an effort to increase the number of certified coaches in our province, and help current coaches upgrade coaching credentials. Additionally, we work with Island athletes to offer support to training and high-level competitions, thereby creating a development pathway. The Strathgartney Equestrian Park Improvement Project plays a pivotal role in supporting this strategy. Through these critical pieces, we have been able to increase the number and competitive level of our athletes.

Become a member of the Island Horse Council, volunteer with a member club or take your first riding lesson. We are here to support you, education you, protect you and celebrate you.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Island Horse Council with your suggestions/concerns or triumphs.


IHC Executive & Board of Directors

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Executive Members

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Deb Smith

Vice President
Sam Doucette

Dawn Helm

Jeanette Gallant

Past President
John McAssey

Certified Equestrian Coaches of PEI
Maureen Sinnott

Board of Directors

Dressage PEI
Anna Osinga

Nicola Brothers

Western Horse Association
Amy Herring

PEI Hunter Jumper
Becka Henderson

Island Reining Horse
Taylor MacKenzie
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Charlottetown Pony Club
Eric Johnson


PEI Trail Riders
Heather McCloud
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Director at Large
Karen Pyra

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Tuesday 1pm-6pm

Closures will be announced on our Facebook page.

For any inquiries or concerns please email office@islandhorsecouncil.ca and one of our volunteers will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

If you have an urgent matter, please contact one of our executive or board of directors.

Standing Committees

Strathgartney Equestrian Park

Western Coaching Coordinator

English Coaching Coordinator

Administration/Web & Media

Alison Borghese


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