Abegweit Show Series

Rewarding dedicated atheletes and their equestrian partners

Abegweit Show Series

Island Horse Council’s Abegweit Competition Series is designed to promote and encourage participation in competitions of multiple equestrian disciplines on Prince Edward Island that follow a standardized format of competition rules and regulations. The program supports local, community, and provincial equestrian clubs, generating interest and encouraging athletes and coaches to achieve personal success at competitions at an introductory or grassroots level. Island Horse Council supports and facilitates qualifying competitions to ensure athletes have the opportunity to compete regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or ability.

The Abegweit Series rewards athletes and their equestrian partners for their dedication by recognizing their efforts at the local, district and provincial level through series’ awards and provincial championships.

The Abegweit Series aims to:

• Provide a Provincial Officials development pathway.
• Support competition organizers with the management of equestrian competitions.
• Promote coaches to participate in the NCCP and Equestrian Canada Coaching programs.
• Promote the LTED (Long Term Equestrian Development) program.
• Educate and promote SafeSport and fair play policies and ethics in sport.
• Promote the welfare of equines.

Abegweit Series Documents