Nominations Open for 2021 Year End Awards
April 12, 2022

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Year End Awards!

Take a moment to review the list of awards and their criteria. Let’s recognize the athletes, coaches, volunteers, and organizations for their accomplishments in 2021!
How do I nominate?
Nominations should be written up based on the respective criteria and sent to by Friday, April 29, 2022, for committee review and consideration.
Eligibility for Nomination:
 Nominations may only be submitted by IHC Board of Directors and current IHC
members, including seniors, clubs, zones, businesses, and affiliated groups.
 The Lifetime Achievement award must be endorsed by five supporters. All other IHC
awards must have two supporters for each nominee.
 Only one category per nomination form. You MUST complete a separate nomination
form if you are nominating an individual in more than one category.
 Nominees must have been a PEI resident for a minimum of one year.
 Self nominations are ineligible.
 Nomination forms must be received at the IHC by the designated deadline otherwise
they will be considered for the following year.
 A Photo of the nominee must be included in the nomination package.

Award Winner Announcement & Distribution
All 2021 Year End Award winners will be announced on our website and social media on May 16th and awards will be distributed to the winners by pickup or mail. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no in person awards night will take place.

ADL Awards
The ADL / Sport PEI Sport Achievement Program offers member sport governing bodies of Sport PEI an opportunity to recognize the achievements and contributions of their particular sport. Since 1991, ADL has been a corporate partner of Sport PEI, recognizing athletes, teams, coaches, officials, and volunteers of our member sport organizations.
2021 ADL Awards:
 Junior Male Athlete of the Year
 Junior Female Athlete of the Year
 Team of the Year
 Senior Male Athlete of the Year
 Senior Female Athlete of the Year
 2021 Coach of the Year
 Volunteer Administrator of the Year

2021 Year End Awards Criteria and Details