Become a Coach

Supporting and encouraging the development and certification of coaches within the province of PEI

Obtaining a Certificate is an Important Lifetime Achievement

As a certified EC/NCCP Coach or Instructor, clients, students, and parents will know that you have achieved the highest standards in Canada for equestrian coaching, adhere to best practices, have training in safety, first aid and safe sport, and are screened and insured.
Getting Certified
  1. Get your IHC Membership and EC Sport Licence.
  2. Contact the IHC Coaching coordinator.
  3. Open a coaching file with the Coaching Association of Canada
  4. Begin assembling requirements.
  5. Get your EC Registered Coach status
  6. Train and prepare for evaluation.
  7. Schedule your evaluation.

Types of Certification

The IHC is responsible for the delivery and administration of the NCCP Instructor, Competition Coach and Competition Coach Specialist as outlined below:
A certified Instructor specializes in the instruction of children and adults learning to ride, establishing foundational riding skills with an eye on safety.

Available Certifications for Instructor:

Competition Coach

A certified Competition Coach introduces riders to the competitive environment. More advanced skills in the development of a competitive training program, performance analysis and mental preparation for competition are required to become certified at this level.

Available certifications for Competition Coach:

Competition Coach Specialist
A certified Competition Coach Specialist (CCS) has a discipline specialty and is developing riders competing at the provincial and national levels. These coaches have more in-depth knowledge of developing training plans for athletes and require a working knowledge of the Equestrian Canada competition rules for the level and discipline they’re teaching.

Although a CCS is trained specifically for one discipline area, she/he is expected to be conversant in all English or Western disciplines. Available certifications for Competition Coach Specialist:

  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Jumping
  • General Performance (Rubric)
  • Speed Events
  • Reining

Maintaining Certification

Top photo by Anna Osinga-Bouma