Please note: IHC membership confirmation emails may deliver to email junk folders, please check both your inbox and junk folders for confirmation notices and PDF membership cards. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A non-profit or for-profit group whose main objective is connected with the main objectives of Island Horse Council. The Affiliated Entity receives a membership number which, when presented to the Island Horse Council insurance carrier, receives a preferred IHC insurance rate. These groups become an affiliate member, but they do not hold a voting seat on the Board of Directs as does a full Member Club.

There is no insurance coverage included with the Affiliated Entity membership. The Affiliated Entity may apply for an IHC preferred insurance rate through CapriCMW Insurance Services Inc. by contacting:

Michael A. King, Partner CAIB. R.I.B.
CapriCMW Insurance Services Ltd.
15221 Yonge St. Aurora, ON L4G 1L8
Toll free: (888) 394-3330 Fax: (905) 841-0030