2021 IHC Award Winners
May 24, 2022

2021 ADL Awards

ADL Junior Female Athlete – Alexandra Scales – “Alexandra, known fondly as Pinky, was nominated for her extreme dedication and accomplishments in the Hunter & Jumper sport in 2021. Through all her victories, Alexandra has always demonstrated humility, hard work and team spirit.”

ADL Team of the Year – MapleRidge Equestrian – “Team MRE was nominated for their extremely hard-working members who support each other, as well as the community at every event they attend. With Horse Show “Mom Lori & Dad Gordie” leading the team, they bring a positive, fulfilling equestrian team experience culture wherever they go.”

ADL Senior Female Athlete – Kerry O’Connor – “Kerry was nominated for her dedication and accomplishments in the Dressage sport in 2021. She is such a position asset to the equestrian community and always up for lending a hand or hosting clinic opportunities for herself and others.”

ADL Senior Male Athlete – Simon Leng – “Simon was nominated for his dedication and accomplishments in the Eventing sport in 2021. He has shown his skills with his new equine partner and has put a lot of work into his training to move up in divisions with top scores at competitions.”


2021 IHC Awards

IHC Club of the Year – Horse Trials PEI – “HTPEI was nominated due to their outstanding learning opportunities and welcoming community they offered their members and the public in 2021.”

IHC Horse of the Year – Henry – “Henry is a little grey horse that provides an important service to the Joyriders program. He is ta VERY good boy that is always patient and kind to everyone he meets.”

IHC Spirit Award – Gordie Kirkpatrick – “Gordie was nominated for his great support for a lot of up and coming riders, including chauffeuring the ponies around! He is always happy to be at an event and shows his community spirit by wishing everyone the best and lending a hand when needed.”

IHC Rookie of the Year Award – Jocelyn Versteeg – “Jocelyn was nominated for her dedication and positive attitude demonstrated at all events she participated in, in 2021 for her first year competing in the Hunter sport. You will never come across Jocelyn without a smile on her face as she is always happy to spend her time with the horses, especially her pony, Griffin, and the community.”

IHC Model Member of the Year – Becka Henderson – “Becka was nominated for all her hard work she puts into our horse community with her PEI HJA Horse Shows and is always in a cheerful mood, willing to help anyone she can.”

IHC Ralph Manning Memorial Volunteer Award – Anne Wallace – “Anne was nominated to recognize all her time and effort put into horse shows in 2021. She is always available to step up and lend a hand.”

CONGRATULATIONS to the award winners!

These awards run annually, so keep a lookout for who you may want to nominate for the 2022 awards!